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For most women, time is really the enemy of beauty, especially for the skin. Skin aging is a process that occurs continuously and is inevitable due to internal causes (genetic) genetics, hormones, age) and external influences (lifestyle, environment). In addition, from the age of 30, 40 onwards, the amount of collagen and elastin in the body decreases significantly, making the skin unable to keep its smooth appearance, wrinkles begin to appear, most often in the corners of the eyes and corners. Treatment of skin aging is a long process and requires perseverance because there are few products or treatments that bring immediate results. However, smooth, young and beautiful skin is always desirable. desired by women of any age.

P&D Cosmetics and experts from Dong A Pharmaceutical have specially formulated a line of anti-wrinkle care products with the goal of prolonging the suppleness and smoothness of Vietnamese women's skin with ingredients that enhance the texture of the skin. structure (MSF), wrinkle treatment (Q10), elasticity booster (FPC) and promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin. Our clinical tests have shown that the skin is really improved, deep wrinkles are significantly reduced, shallow wrinkles are barely noticeable after just one use of the product in combination with the treatment. proper nutrition and rest.

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