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As women, everyone wants to prolong their youth with smooth, bright white skin and slow down the natural skin aging process, repelling the "evidence" of age. Each person chooses for themselves a different way of beauty, which can be cosmetic intervention or natural care to achieve the final effect of "ageless" beauty.

The bad impact from the living environment, the hustle and bustle of work in modern society has quickly lost the natural youthful beauty, leaving many stress "imprints" on the skin such as pale blue, dark circles. Tired, lifeless…

Pham Duy Cosmetics Company with cosmetic brand PASLE is trusted by women of all ages after 1 year of researching new ingredients & technologies (using rollers to tighten & increase skin friction to quickly absorb essences). deeper than usual, stimulating metabolism) effective in restoring & regenerating fresh skin, designed DR PASLE product line to be "pharmacological" higher than other conventional cosmetics to Helps maintain smooth, porcelain-like skin, naturally radiant white.

DOCTOR PASLE - an effective assistant for the skin!

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