PASLÉ Paris: Passion for perfection

For nearly 10 years of incubation and research, P&D Cosmetics has approached a lot of new technologies, listened to the opinions and wishes of Asian women in general and Vietnam in particular, and experimented with many new technologies. A special formula with the desire to launch a cosmetic line that is suitable for the body characteristics, style and appearance of Vietnamese women.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of beauty and beauty care, we always put ourselves in the position of customers, who directly use our products, directly feel the value of the products. that product. By what we gain from the distribution of beauty products from Korea and Germany, we gradually discover the best properties of each cosmetic line. Korean cosmetics are especially favored by Vietnamese women because of their bright, diverse colors and are very suitable for the face and skin. Meanwhile, products from Germany are highly appreciated for their effectiveness in treating skin problems. P&D Cosmetics understands the advantages and disadvantages of customers, thereby creating products capable of optimizing those advantages, minimizing those disadvantages in the shortest time and achieving the longest lasting effect.

Taking the magnificent capital Paris as the starting place of the brand, choosing Seoul as the production location, we are always aware that the biggest mission of P&D Cosmetics as well as P&D Group is to bring the best values ​​and most sustainable for all its customers. Nowhere in the world inspires beauty like Paris, and for many Vietnamese women, Seoul is one of the most ideal places when it comes to cosmetics and beauty technology. These reasons make P&D Cosmetics come to the decision to register the PASLÉ brand in Paris to get the quintessence in design, product design, and the latest makeup and skin care trends.

We have selected Korea's leading cosmetic technology factories (Kolmar,
Cosmax, Mira...) to develop PASLÉ product lines. And from there, PASLÉ was born.

PASLÉ's motto is that any beauty need of women of any age, with any skin type, is fully met. Each PASLÉ care product line is truly a revolution that helps improve skin health, regenerate damaged skin areas, bring clarity, whiteness to the skin. Besides, PASLÉ's beauty product lines are perfect for any makeup style and are researched by experts of Dong A Pharmaceutical and guaranteed not to cause unwanted effects. for the inherently extremely sensitive skin of Vietnamese women.

We are proud to introduce and affirm the quality of all comprehensive care product lines from the PASLÉ brand (Cleansing care, Skin care, Hair & body care, Make up).

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