Daily skin care routine with PASLÉ

For youthful radiant skin or perfectly smooth makeup face, regular daily skin care is considered the most effective method. It is not only when the skin is degraded, the makeup does not stick smoothly, that you think of 'accelerated' skin care, the effect will not be as you want.

The effect of basic daily skin care products

  • Face wash: Helps clean skin after the most active time of cells, for fresh, healthy skin.
  • Toner: Balances and cleanses the skin perfectly after cleansing.
  • Day care: Strengthens the skin's protective film against harmful environmental agents.
  • Sunscreen: Effective for people after melasma treatment, plastic surgery or frequent work outside, exposed to direct sunlight. In particular, in the summer, the activity of strong ultraviolet rays (from 10am to 3pm) is the cause of dark spots and brown spots.
  • Eye Care: Provides nutrients to protect the delicate and sensitive eye skin.
  • Serum: Enhances skin cell regeneration, restores and improves for fresh, healthy skin, maintaining optimal skin functions.
  • Night skin care: Enhance nutrition to nourish new skin cells to replace and promote skin metabolism.
  • The process of using the product every day
  • Morning: Cleansing (face cleanser) - Toner - Day care - Sun cream - Makeup
  • Evening: Makeup remover + Cleansing - Toner - Eye care - Serum - Night care

Skin Type


Rose water

Protect your skin every day

Enhanced regeneration

Night care


Wash one's face

Day care


Aging skin, rough, dermis, wrinkles

Eye and lip area

Lips & Eyes

Face area

Cleansing Water

Aloe Foam

Wrinkle Skin

Wrinkle Lotion

Sun Cream

Eye care

Eye Care + Botox



Wrinkle Cream

Normal skin, lacking oil and moisture

Vitamin Foam


Purifier Skin

Wrinkle Lotion

Oily skin lacks water

Vegetable Foam

Purifier Skin

Purifier Lotion

Purifier Cream

Dark skin, brown spots, melasma

White Foam

White Skin

White Lotion

Eye care

Eye Care + White Essence

White Cream

Body care process

Awaken the senses with a fragrant, refreshing rose scent and silky, silky-smooth skin after bathing.

Daily use routine

  • Morning: Shower/wash - Body lotion with Body Lotion - Day care - Makeup
  • Evening: Shower (or wash if you don't have much time in the morning) - Body lotion - Night skin care

Make-up process

Daily office style makeup with PASLÉ: Bring natural and youthful beauty with white powder tones, deep eye color, radiant cheek color, youthful lipstick. Thoroughly removing all day makeup with Lip & Eye Remover for the eyes and lips + Cleansing Water for blush and makeup is extremely important for skin.

Make-up tools: Cotton balls, brushes, etc. must be cleaned regularly with diluted shampoo, dried to avoid bacterial infection, one of the causes of acne or skin allergies due to unclean hygiene.

Daily use routine

Foundation: Skincare (as a colorless primer that protects the skin) à Foundation/BB Cream 3 in 1 à Pact with base layer à Sunscreen powder

Eye and cheek makeup: Eyebrow pencil à Eyelash brush à Eye color à Cheek color

Lip makeup powder: Colorless lip gloss à Lipstick à Apply a layer of lip gloss with dark/light/high light color for the right lipstick color

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