Hot Burning Gel - Burn fat effectively

Life is always rushed and busy in modern times, so we women do not have much time to take care of ourselves anymore, after giving birth, office work makes the lower abdomen produce excess fat and does not melt away. Okay. Pasle Paris has produced the Hot Burning Gel Body product line, to help women burn excess fat on the abdomen, thighs, biceps... firm skin.


After a clean bath, apply a certain amount of cream to the part with a lot of accumulated fat. Gently massage in a circle around the area to be reduced. Use before going to bed, or before exercising to increase the effectiveness of the cream.

The advice for women is to combine with the diet, reduce starch, eat more vegetables and fish, lean meat, fruit, yogurt ...

Wish us women always keep a slim figure and a smooth, youthful skin!

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